Who are you? Who is your brand? 
Your brand is your professional reputation it's what other people think about you. You are your business, make sure you do your best to uphold who you are & what you stand for. Part of making sure you put your best brand foot forward is investing in good quality solid visuals.
Crafting an identity for your business is an essential part of building a trusting, appealing & established pro real life brand. If you are serious about your business, you purge passion right? - Brand visuals that tell your story & evoke the right emotions are a must. 
Your brand involves more than a logo. Yes, your logo is a primary tool, but you need the foundation - without the foundation how can you build your business to be remembered or even recognised?
When branding your business you also have to look at WHO you want to attract customer wise? WHO is your market ? Your brand visuals speak a certain vibe. One example, if they look cheap you are going to appeal to people looking for cheap - that’s all well & good if you are selling a product or service that’s cheap but if you provide a quality product that’s definitely something you don’t want potential customers to vibe! So when you are putting yourself out there you want your presence to match your pricelist so to speak.
B R A N D - B A S I C S ♥️
Branding is you & your business combined. Branding is: logo , one of the main ingredients on which is used to build upon, but to create your logo I must know WHO you are - this is then applied to build a consistent form of visual information & images that evoke the right emotion. It’s audience perception, the way you post , your voice , the value you provide, your custom service , down to the way you display products in photos, to your engagement with your audience. So ask yourself who are you, what are your values & beliefs - stick to them & represent.
B R A N D I N G - P R O C E S S ♥️
My branding process with you includes but not limited to the following: initial consultation, design briefing, discussion of your current position , a detailed outlining of who what why & how, defining your point of difference & ultimately establishing your businesses personality. This gives me the kickoff detail to begin the journey with & for you, aka tailoring visuals a vibe & voice to match. I then get to the creative grind , hashing out the finer details , sketching, brainstorming , developing & refining a concept to bring together a brand that speaks YOU (not to mention covering all grounds surrounding the ever so important guidelines + memorable + appealing + timeless + versatile+ relevant.
What are your beliefs & values as a business + personal brand? Who are you & what would you like a potential customer to think about you?

If you are ready & looking for a designer to help develop your branding or even need a creative mind to help in the area of strategy , hashing out on a deeper level, Get in touch. My passion , my aim is to provide you a journey , one with difference & design with edge.
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