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Once I had completed The Milk Maids brand identity design & development "The Journey ft The Milk Maid" Jody reached out for further creative - packaging design for her 100% all natural hand made goats milk products! You can see more of this brand build journey via home page under The Milk Maids parts 1 & 2. I absolutely loved designing not only the packaging, but helping Jody established her look & feel via design & contextual Thought Creatives.  Business is not a system, it's a personality & this day & age you need to give your more than,  this is what I aim to give you. 
Utilising & bringing in designed elements from her brand build - such as the illustrations of soap icons, patterns, banners, dog/goat illustrations I had drawn up early on - all these small but important details help build a story  & then extend to other areas of your visual identity & branding - here as seen on labels/tags. 

Above: front of soap packaging 

Above: back of soap packaging 

Loz x 
 I'm on a mission to change the way branding is seen & done. Since the beginning of my journey (in an offical sense as a creative service & offering circa 2015)  I noticed there was a gap in the market.
Over the course of 2018-2019 I have worked on implementing new processes that give a brand’s identity a real personalised & humanised vibe, bringing in aspects of the marketing disciplines to achieve an identity that has contextual meaning & a story. 
Humans want to do business with humans , not a systematic robot , they crave connection & want a solution.  So, I am not just a graphic designer or designer of an identity - I am a designer of a personality. 
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