This creative brand project was excitingly extensive; inc areas such as  illustration, iconography , patternry, content creation , packaging, logo & sub marks, font systems, collateral, establishing a "look & feel" & "Thought Creatives" - These are ideas I present to my client with, such as descriptive statements, slogans etc that encompass the values & offerings of their business, they are stories that build meaning & personality into the brand. My brand identity builds are more of a journey , rather than a systematic process. I create areas of your brand in an innovative way, that provide you with not only the visual designed aspects, but your visual voice & vibe. 
Your brand is how your audience & customers feel. I help develop these areas that represent your business, to put it simply -  a tone of voice , a story to tell & a visual identity all combined so you have the confidence to either launch (in the case of a start-up) OR relaunch (re-brand) with a renewed sense of direction & solid confidence . Essentially design & develop your brand plan! 
Welcome to part 1 of a brand build for The Milk Maids. 
Below I will take you through a set of visuals outlining areas of this brand build which makes up more than a visual (design) but all the tools in-between which establish a brands identity & in this case The Milk Maid. All the images , illustration, written content, descriptives , style & content creation, logos/sub marks, icon illustration , creative thinking completed by myself because a brands identity is a personality. Every personality is unique therefore so is every single brand build aka The Journey. 

Welcome to The Journey. The above is the very first content post for The Milk Maids to share with her audience. Designed pre reveal posts are designed just for you so you cam bring your own customers/audience on the journey of your brand's story! 

Alternative logo for The Milk Maid, with one of the descriptives that came up in the  Thought Creative™ process 

Sub Mark for The Milk Maid,

The below list of descriptives are from the "Thought Creative™ process, after consulting with my client Jody, we bounced ideas back & forth - this was the final list. These statements are based on MM value of offerings & beliefs.
Below curated photography aligned with the feel (vibe) of The Milk Maid, colours, styling & image content. 
 Soap bubbles were an illustrated "Thought Creative™"  to be a memorable meaningful pattern. The bubbles to be used on a wide range of touch points such as cards, content, packaging. As I illustrated these early on in the brand build I was then able to work the bubbles into other areas of her visuals. Pattern is a memorable element of a brand. When you think soap bubbles, you think of bath time! Milk Maids make a number of bath soaks, scrubs & bath soaps! Perfectly fitting 

Bubble patternry edited in & utilised on one of the chosen photos from the set of curated images This photo is from the set of content creation created for the lovely Milk Maid 

Business card design utilising pattern.  All designed elements I designed purely for The Milk Maid. The illustrative goat (which I drew based on her late goat Scarlett , bubbles patternry all working in harmony together 

Below two squares showcase illustration of handmade soap, inspired by her handmade soap look. Which I then also worked into a pattern style for borders! It's all about creative thinking !!
The hand holding the soap will be utilised for packaging design & other areas of her visuals such as an icon on highlight IG reel along with the accompanying series of 6 icons further below. 
Further illustrated icons
 for a wide range of us. Initially I drew these up for use on highlights reel & to work into content template post designs. However, after the brand build was complete Jody re-connected for packaging design. I then used the icons within her labels & packaging to suit each product & what it is specifically used for. You can see how this works seeminlessly via Part 3 
bubble icon
bubble icon
milk bottle icon
milk bottle icon
Animal Illustration - icons & brand mascots 
I drew up Scarlett, The Milk Maids late goat as Jody adored her & I wanted to be able to keep her alive within her identity. Building a brand is about story telling, showing who you are, what solution you have while telling a story in the process. Giving your audience more than to capture their hearts.
The dog, is inspired by her farm dog - The Milk Maid also has a range of 100% goat milk dog products so I thought it was only fitting to bring her fur child into it as well! The dog illustration will be used, again - for icons on highlights to talk about the farm life stories, also to be used on labels & packaging for her dog range selection. 
I have them stop half way to give a look of peaking up off any given touch point
Sample of visual further down. 
Photography - TMM

The Milk Maids personal photography which I added in designed elements from the brand visual development. "From barn to bath" with banner. This banner is used throughout other content such as story topic posts, discussed next. 
Again, The Milk Maids photography with logo/sub mark added to showcase styling for social media images content. During the brand build I will ask for your own photography which I can then edit & add in elements that I've illustrated/written  to create a particular content that is fitting to your overall personality. You can then use these for branded content on socials to talk about your product/service. 
Thought Creatives™ 
(story topic content design)​​​​​​​
The below 3 squares show the illustrative of the late Scarlett goat incorporated with a banner & descriptive headlines. I came up with the idea that TMM could build on sharing her story & what goes on behind the scenes at her business on the farm with weekly topic post visuals! Over time, her audience on socials will relate these to learning something new! 
Learning something such as what ingredients go into her products (because transparency is best) ,maybe sharing a recent happening on the farm such as a behind the scenes & with story time - so Jody can talk about how & why The Milk Maid started! 
People love connection, they want to learn something new, they love to read & see content that can either provide a solution , benefit them in some way or connect on an emotional level! - This is how you build brand (along with everything you see here in parts 1 , 2  3 of The Journey ft The Milk Maid. 
Kind words from Jody in the beginning phases of "The Journey ft The Milk Maid" 

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