In this Illustration you’ll see their logo which I just re sketch to incorporate into the “world globe” which could also be an exercise ball! The clock, their mark again with the time I was drawing this. The colours are picked from their brand visuals & aesthetic they have going on their feed. 
Each week or whenever I can I’ll pick a business/human that I interact with or I see that is taking the time to engage with their audience on the socials, scroll their feed & get an idea in my mind to either create something about them or choose a photo on their feed to re-draw.⁣
Soul Press in Mornington , Brighton & Edithvale - passionate about food & aim to symbolise the life ppl dream of. They provide real food to nourish & help you lead a healthier lifestyle, hence “Good Food Heals”. 🍃⁣ 
It’s just my way to show support , give them a shout out & create all-in-one! My mission in life is to design humanised brand story / personality visuals for passionate clients & help others in the process. I’m not really sure on how I can help so I do what comes naturally to me, that is to create.⁣
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