Prestige Paint Works on the Mornington Peninsula approached me to work the creative on a re-design of their logo. I went the extra mile (because passion) & decided to bring some context into the logo brainstorming & designed secondary meaningful marks.
The descriptive "In excellence we trust" is a "Thought Creative" which is usually only part of my brand identity builds aka "The Journey" but as it naturally came to me during brainstorming it seemed to be a perfect fit! 
When I had a discovery chat with Emily it was clear to me both Jake & Emily are mega passionate about their family owned business. This is one of my values I stand by; I only ever work with those humans that ooze passion, that ooze love & determination for what they do.
Listening to everything Emily had to say about Jake, from the way he presents, paints, to the feedback they have had from their clients is where the context of “In excellence we trust” was born. 
Thank you J & E for choosing me to give you visuals that encompass my ‘more than’ in turn so you can show/share & give your more than to your customers 🤞🏼

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