Poster design artwork and custom drawn brand illustrations for Revolution Roasters coffee roasting company in Melbourne. Graphic design by Loz Chai

This is the name plate I designed to align with the artwork I had created for the poster. 

I designed the name plate with forward thinking as this will be an on-going package offering.
The name plate gives Revolution Roasters a visual identifying graphic they can use to "brand" this innovation , can be utilised as a sticker on packages , social media content to name a few
I incorporated the peace sign hand (an element from their logo) as to associate Revolution Roasters straight away. The reason for the chosen font is due to the fun personal vibe, a stacked type gives it an appealing form & I added in their slogan "Live, Love, Local" vertical placement. 
Poster and brand illustration design for coffee roasting company in melbourne. Custom illustrations and graphic design , Loz Chai , mornington peninsula.
I pride myself on birthing your ideas into unique , meaningful , relevant & appealing pieces aligned with your business & its brand. 
I decided the best idea would be to incorporate all the logos of said businesses whom had products in this package, into the mini product illustrations. 
This brings contextual meaning & provides a visual showing support to these fellow local businesses included in the package. It also will appeal to people who know these brands, therefore be more inclined to purchase the Peninsula Palooza Package! 
Poster design artwork and custom drawn brand illustrations for Revolution Roasters coffee roasting company in Melbourne. Graphic design by Loz Chai
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