2020 has served up plenty of surprises however this one was a positive event to unfold! 

You may know Paul Mercurio as the heart-throb star from Strictly Ballroom, Directed by Baz Luhrmann the most successful Australian Director of all time. Strictly was the Award Winning film of the 90s. You might have spotted him acting on Neighbours, purchased his spice brand, own one of his cooking books or even watch his cooking show! 
Paul has now taken the big leap, from Ballroom to Boardroom & is running as a candidate for Mornington Peninsula Shire Council for Watson Ward! 
Iv'e had the pleasure of working with Paul over the last 6 or so months, assisting with his campaign branding, content design & promotions. It was imperative to create Paul's identity with a twist of personal passion. The end result for his logos/name plates came together with strong , trusting & consistent appeal. It has a very localised art style , Mercurio is a stand out feature & my original inspo of colour-way was based on evoking feel good trusting vibes. 
 I am in the process of writing up a full case study for Mercurio for Morn Pen 2020 Campaign Project - check back soon to read how I implemented art direction, brief executions & successful social media campaigning.

If you are interested in Campaign Identity Design/ Strategy or Social Media show-up please reach out to discuss how I can help bring your presence to the next level via 
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