Drawn by me, with love to you, to be used as mobile phone wallpaper (free with love).
You can find image for use at www.facebook.com/lozchaidesign or send me a message & I'll send it on over.
 This image is not for sale, not to be used for personal income gain or monetisation. 
If you'd like to share/use it on your socials that is more than fine, please be a kind human & credit my creative.
 It's very important in the day of digital , especially as we ride the wave of pandemic to do good , be good & just be kind to all x Loz​​​​​​​
If you're keen to discuss custom brand illustrations for your own business, social media's creative content please reach out anytime , on any of my socials, email or phone! 
I can tailor a package to suit. All illustrations. creative design & brand identity builds are 100% custom from ground up. No pre purchased media, ever - not even a template layout for a business card
 I pride myself on over presenting & giving my more than, in turn for you to give your audience & community , your more than! 
Creating humanised brand personalities & creative content to capture hearts. Loz x 
contact email: 
admin@lozchaidesign.com (boring email for a creative, I know) 
phone: 0401 849 185 (pls text prior so I know you're not a salesman calling from Estonia )
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