To all the small business owners out there this is a key ingredient to ramping up your socials & how you can provide something a little more.
VALUE ? What does the word mean to you & what does it mean in the world of biz?
There are plenty of meanings & feelings that come to mind when we think of value. Some of the things for me include:
🖤 My counterpart I travel this life with 
🖤 Our Big Dog
🖤 My close connections.
I also value my passion. When I'm dedicated to something regardless of hurdles, ability to not worry about the small things (even though in hindsight my care free nature can be a little too care free at times)
I value my honest ways (as a kid I couldn’t even take $2 off the bench knowing it was my dads & still the same to this day) I could ramble on about my personal gig but when it comes to BUSINESS value is core .
Value is not always about the dollar bills.
Firstly it’s about personalisation & adding value to your customer experiences. You need to know your customer, how to interact & what floats their boat so to speak. When you don’t communicate & add value all you’re really doing is looking like a generic robot trying to push sales when you only talk strictly about your work.
Customers want to hear about you they want to know who you are, your story & behind the scenes but besides that - they like to be informed & want to learn , you as a brand/business can add value by doing just that!
With all our social channels & tech customers are hyper-connected & love engaging with brands, being involved & reaping benefit:
For example
🖤 It could be learning something new (if you’re a trusted source of info customers are more likely to do biz with you)
🖤 Receiving a personalised bday msg with a discount
🖤 If a return customer give them a little something extra for saying “thanks I value your business”
🖤 Why not ask for their input (crowdsourcing ideas for future products/services)
🖤 Even a small move like a reply back on a comment
Engaging in these types of actions provides
• v a l u e • it deepens loyalty, trust & strengthens your brand
No, I don't claim to be any sort of social media expert, the Business of Design is my gig but with a background in Marketing & PR , along with always wanting to learn & know more, discussing business with those I engage with online , I’ve learnt a considerable amount about providing value. Sharing, connecting, engaging.
Be transparent, tone down your opacity (design geek term) be real be RAD & add value to their dealings with you! 
For the love of talking design & business. If you made it to the end I hope you take away something of value from reading this 
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