Remember a brand is not your logo & your logo is not your brand it's how your audience & customers feel about you.
It's their gut feeling, what think & vibe from you.
brand identity re brand for mornington peninsula furniture business local tyabb graphic designer creative thinker and brand strategist loz chai
When I’m working with a business to create a whole new visual language for clients (the journey brand identity) it includes creating a series of lead up content posts.
I carefully design these to match with the "look" & "feel" of your business personality , right down to the rendered real life touch points (above a flyer card) to the textures & scenes. The above card shows a 5 created into a arrow path way, this will be explained in the post below. The 5 is an element of their primary logo , but has a function - because design is more than a pretty image but should have a necessary function relating to your business , it's message & story.
This is to help engage with your audience & share with them the passion & care you have for your business & to also develop the interest of those watching. To tell the story in the lead up to your brand reveal.

When you work with me, you speak your thoughts & ideas - I do the rest of the hard work with "Thought Creatives" to develop a way to bring your vision to life & speak it through visual assets , as well as the written content pairing to your personality , telling of your passion & the business to give its own unique visual , voice & vibe
Below is the reveal of their sub-mark an alternative to their primary logo. 
Below is another element of their identity that is built into their primary logo , which is based again - on telling a story.
I’ve termed a specific area of my brand build projects “Thought Creatives” because sharing your personality & passion is vital to engaging with your audience & building brand. It’s about going deeper, discovering your why to then tell a story. It’s really something you can only fully understand when I work with you but this ultimately flourishes into a visual language with a unique voice for you. It allows you to tell your story, share with your wider audience & give them a memorable experience - you’ll see these as they reveal! 
Yes your logo is important, but it has nothing on what opportunities & places you will go with a real personality that is interweaving with who YOU are , as a person & business. Because humans want to do business with humans , not robots , nor with someone that has no care of passion for their own business.
This is their story logo & it’s called this as it entails a meaningful story surrounding.
When I work with my clients [ugh cold word] so fam .I go deeper to explore & find the heart of their business passion. This involves briefing but also discussions to get a real feel for you - who you are & ultimately why you do, what you do!
Why? Because I totally believe - that along with people buying what particular skills|service|talent you offer they are buying WHY you do it. This is defining because it is true people buy with emotion, they buy into a brand because it MEANS something to them, they connect with it, they want that fulfilling warmth that the purchase they have made is going to:
1. ADD VALUE to their life.
2. Be the SOLUTION to a problem.
I aim for BOTH. To add value to my clients business by providing an identity that combine quality visuals assets to be identified/remebered by , a voice to differentiate & be heard & a vibe to be felt & experienced.
This story surrounding is the HEART of Five Senses Peninsula , & this is the main “Thought Creative” that came to life within the development of this personality as a whole. Originally I had them set out in decided font system, once I started to design the primary logo I thought what a great idea it would to incorporate those words somehow & this story logo was birthed

Mornington Peninsula graphic designer loz chai re brand for local mornington business five senses logo creative graphic design

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