Fails are not a bad thing like people make them out to be. Failing is necessary. Without fails we do not inherit the knowledge or know-how to measure , improve & level up.

I don't even like to call it a “fail” due to the negativity that surrounds the word, I like to call it "next lev learning" . For example think about this:  When we are happy/something good happens, we experience excitement & good feels - of course good things come from that , but its not like we necessarily go into deep thought & start to write out better strategy to improve on that good thing because the whole event was a positive.

So MORE importantly when we have a (fail) aka "next lev learning " experience , we LEARN from it - we can look at the event/happening & outline what worked/what didn't, what people loved what they didnt, we can see how to improve that particular thing & therefore plan for a better more positive controlled outcome for the NEXT round.

Never stop wanting to experience the “fails” because without them , how would we really know how to build & better ourselves & business ??

Learning gives us insight , it provides additional information for us to process , which means we then research & research equals acquiring further knowledge on something we weren’t aware of. 

If we didn’t “fail” we wouldn't of had that opportunity to learn the new ways. So when someone asks me about a business venture /idea I always tell them to take the dive , make it happen & embrace those “fails” - if you don't well how do you expect to reach any goals? 

This is entirely my own, from experience with running my own gigs & the encounters I’ve had with “fails” & those moments have always resulted in a bigger & better next time. 

Remember regardless of owning business - we are HUMAN we do shit & we “fail” people GET that.  If anything people like to see you fail & I’m not talking about it from the perspective of those people that like seeing others mess up (because it makes them feel better) , Im looking at it from the point of showing you are REAL 

Absolutely nothing better than being REAL because real = RELATE 🤞🏼When people relate it gives you more chance of engaging with them. Engagement builds relationships & what’s the most important part about building your business ?


🗣🗣 Relationships with your customers & extended audience of fam. It shouldn’t always be about a target customer to gain a sale!!! I love to network & connect with many , that’s how I have built my own customers & audience for business I like to know what people want. Its the key to the build.
Fact is, people purchase , do business with those they relate to & form a connection with. ULTIMATELY people do business with people they LIKE! 
FAIL & learn. Fail to succeed, to better yourself & business to provide the right VALUE then BUILD your business with people that matter.
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