The above two photos are with credit to my client Helen at @curlytails_bowen Instagram page, showcasing the artwork in her treatment studio along with a couple of her own clients darling dogs. 
Make sure to check out the amazing holistic magic she provides, I would highly recommend her if you have a fur needing treatment 
Some kind words from Helen below. I often share raw comments from clients posted on my socials as they are so pure. I feel they are from the heart which speaks volumes! x 
Below photo of the Samoyeds are Curly Tails Bowen Therapy clients.
These are the Samoyeds I was inspired by within Helen’s illustration. I wanted to bring a real personal experience into the visual for the business - personal and unique is a very important factor to my work for the wonderful people I work with. 
The photo below is with credit to @emmabella_and_friends on Instagram and if you love cute dogs, their account will not disappoint! 

Above photo credit to creator-fur-babes on Instagram @emmabella_and_friends

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- illustrations drawn up purely for social media content use which is great if you’re only looking to utilise across your social media accounts 
- illustration for print and frame like Curly Tails had completed above 
-  OR more extensive options such as high resolution working files for multiple uses - books / downloadable ebooks, websites etc which require a copyright handover to you.
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