Hello, my name is Loz & I build visuals to represent your business personality & brand.

Standing in front of my creative outside Ritual Cafe in Somerville, after the completion of  brand identity project for a Cafe on the Mornington Peninsula!

Combined with your vision, my guidance & creative mind we work towards developing a foundation. Your logos are only one aspect of your brand identity & I focus on creating a whole system with accompanying brand visuals + collateral so you have the confidence to show up consistently across all your brands touch-points.

When you are aiming for a particular goal in life you make a plan to get there. You think & plan the steps to achieve that goal. The same goes for developing & designing a logo. Representing your business the way you want to be seen, means you need to look deeper into that end goal. My passion, my job is to help you strategise a way to get there so I can deliver your ideas in the form of your business visuals. I don’t just craft your logo , I build & plan with you. I create what’s required to position your business, appeal to a particular audience , to put a voice & feel to your brand. The visuals & the vibe to encompass your business into a neat consistent package so to speak.

Your business is not just a "business" , you are your business, so I understands each individuals requirements differ. Instead of having to decide from set priced packages, first we talk to dive a little deeper, then I custom quote and put forward a proposal tailored to you.

If you would like to know more about branding your business with me, discuss your business dreams and your creative visions please email admin@lozchaidesign.com , visit facebook page www.facebook.com/lozchaidesign or even call directly 0401 849 185
I thrive on producing results, identity to encompass your visual voice & vibe the building blocks to the foundation connecting with your audience & ultimately captures the hearts of your customers. 

If you are hoping to only skim the surface looking for a quick fix of a solo logo I might not be the right fit for you - on the flip side if you are motivated, passionate, take pride in your business & care about how people feel when they engage or come into contact with your business it's time to organise a consult & discuss what I can do for you.

Loz x

☎️ 0401 849 185
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