Screen shot during process of pre reveal of Leannes identity 2020 Wealth! 

I love to give an experience unlike any other designers. I want my client to have all the pieces to share their story & I do this by involving the audience of my client. I design visual story boards , sharing "sneak peeks" without unveiling the actual logos or other elements. 
Although sharing a screenshot may look un-clean on my folio here, this is the real world. This is how I help my clients create a conversation around their business prior to launch,  to begin the building relationships. 
Showing small visuals will ultimately set the tone & feel for whats to come! 

"Thought Creatives" for 2020 Wealth - explained below

When it comes to your businesses identity ( plus all the in between) I have a fierce passion to help you establish with confidence. Knowing you have an identity that aligns with who YOU are, matches the quality of your services & more importantly has contextual story meaning to connect on an emotional level with your audience.

This is where "Thought Creatives™" come in. (pictured above) 

These are descriptive phrases that I’ll come up with to help create a foundation of meaning & a tone of voice.
Helps guides the design of logos & other visual pieces because it brings in the values & offerings of the business which must be reflected throughout the rest of the identity.  
It’s building on a story to birth voice as every business requires their own unique voice to be memorable.
The statements are applied throughout the design of other marketing materials too.
2020 Wealth | companion mark (above)
A clean, yet warm, non corporate direction to her look & feel we want to keep it personal & inc elements which hold meaning. The hand drawn plant represents a sprig from a “money plant”. This idea came about when I was thinking of what her ideal customer resonates with. As a child my dad used to have a “money plant” in the kitchen, with many of her clients being woman around my age & onward this really fit the vibe.⁣

Funnily enough Leanne emails me stating her OWN dad used to have them in the house as a child & she was blown away with this sentiment. So this mark will become a meaningful piece to represent who Leanne is & tells a small part of her story.⁣

Leanne is a Somerville local & passionate about helping people succeed in life. 
With a long standing demonstrated history working in the finance sector, Leanne is an award winning & well respected professional with her clients being her number one focus 
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