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Brand Identity = more than a logo. Are you wanting to connect with your community, grab the eyes of potential clients and create a memorable, meaningful experience? Do you want visuals aligned with your vibe, a brand voice to be heard and a confident foundation to build your name in business? If so, I might be who you're looking for. EST 2015 I turned my hobby and obsession into my ultimate career. I’ve worked re-brands and start-ups local to Melbourne and across Australia. My creative thinking is switched up and my design style versatile. When you work with me your business becomes a branch of my family, I will never leave you in the lurch and look after you for many years to come. Is it time for you to have your own visual, voice and vibe? If so, let's cuppa and chat (brownie points if you have a dog to tell me about) :) See my client projects below and click each one to view more on each! If you'd like to connect now please text 0401 849 185 with a brief msg and suitable call time! - Happy Days, Loz Chai x -

Dog Cafe A-Frame Artwork
Miss Drews Bakery & Dog Cafe in Tyabb. I was given creative freedom to design this A-Frame for the cafe, illustrations to pair with the offerings & retro couch to match the cafe’s decor! Following this artwork, I wanted to surprise my client so created a range of social media templates & solo illustrations with the treats to edit & share on their IG/FB.
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Swell Building Group
Brand Identity development for Award Winning construction company Swell Building Group on the Mornington Peninsula.
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Got Wood
Got Wood by Matt Hall. Foundational identity assets for this speciality fine wood imports business.
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ZIER Hair Salon Brand Identity
Zier Hair Salon located in Mordialloc, required a re-brand upon purchasing new Salon space! This is their brand new identity & an on-going project as I assist with the revel & roll out on socials.
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Hair & Beauty Society | Stationery Social Signage Pt3
The following is additional stationery, social media content & signage design completed during the branding project. All custom drawn to suit the brands look & feel of Hair & Beauty Society Crn Albert St & Main St Mornington
Devilbend Smokers Branding & Content
A premium 100% Aussie manufactured bbq smoker, establishing itself on the Mornington Peninsula. This showcase's brand identity development, design inc accompanied on-brand content design for socials.
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Miss Drews Bakery & Dog Cafe
Custom A-Frame design for Miss Drews, Mornington Peninsula’s First Dog Only Cafe! I had the pleasure of working with Miss Drew’s to design the shops A-Frame artwork which included drawing up additional illustrations to pair with their brand & map out the visual.
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Alberts Barber Shop | brand identity
Alberts, located on Main St corner Alberts St Mornington. Extended identity design as part of Hair & Beauty Society.
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Wellstacked Firewood
Marketing material for firewood delivery business located on the Peninsula. Delivering Redgum, kindling & fire pit related goods. They split & stack without you having to lift a finger
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Lib Dems Campaign Design
GS Solid Builds
Brand Identity project for Canberra based builder.
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BAYS Apparel
Local outdoor property maintenance business, BAYS, a loyal client since 2020 returned for their crew’s work uniforms. Handling it all, working with my trusted (local) print team leaves you more time to focus on your business, customers & family priorities.
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Prestige Paintworks Apparel
Loyal clients Prestige Paintworks returned for additional apparel including Tees. Hoodies, Caps & Beanies. All high quality AS Colour garments, ethically sourced! Screen print & embroidery
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Daytona | Italian Fine Shotguns Apparel
Graphic Design, T-Shirt Design, Fashion
Bullfit Breast Cancer Fundraiser
Bullfit created a line of apparel to help raise funds for breast cancer. Below is the design I worked to create for Bullfit & the partnership with the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Bullfit are a return & on-going client & you can see their o.g brand build link at the bottom of this project.
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The first phase of development for ZIER Hair Salon located in Mordialloc, Melbourne. Due to project scope, this project will be outlined in 3 sets.
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William Shakespeare
Illustration in memory of the great William Shakespeare - creative content.
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Bays Gardening | re-brand
Working with BAYS I created a clean, up-market identity with a local look to attract those who are looking for a dedicated and eye for detail garden and landscaping business on the Peninsula.
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Neolife Vanuatu Resort
A brand identity project (part1) for a Vanuato Resort, Neolife. A resort for couples to embark on new adventures, surround by pristine waters Neolife, Vanuatu your heart will skip a beat.
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Hair & Beauty Society Part2
2020 Wealth Brand Identity
Clean lux & feminine brand identity for Leanne of 2020 Wealth.
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Swell Apparel Design - Tees
The Swell Constructions crew wanted something with a "Morn Pen" vibe, something that resonated with Peninsula beaches & urban appeal. This is where my idea for a map of Mornington Peninsula came into it, so I hand sketched the map, scanned & uploaded into my programme to then re sketch digital to turn it into a working vector which I share with you in the section of "Swell Apparel Design Process"
Hair & Beauty Society Social Content & Signage
In addition to the brand identity I also designed a variety of custom illustrations, content & signage artwork. All the designs are drawn from scratch custom to my client to pair with the overall look & feel established in the branding project phase.
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Devilbend Smokers Part 2
An Aussie Made smoker designed and manufactured by an engineer with a background in aviation. Grant understands his product and is focused on the finer details: An easy to use, smooth, quiet yet solid and heavy weight smoker - right here on the Peninsula.
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Hair & Beauty Society | Price Lists
Price Lists & Menu Design. Included in the Brand Identity project for Hair & Beauty Society. All custom drawn, & designed to align with the vibes on main hair stylists. .
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The Social Difference | re-brand
Facebook ad’s specialist & coach Lindell Stewart.
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Wildness Cafe
Wildness Cafe, Beach Street Frankston. Circa 2015 my very first brick & mortar client. I designed their logo however was not offering brand identity at this stage.
Bullfit | brand identity
A brand identity project for Mornington Peninsula's new fitness street brand. Bullfit's mission is to provide a community where you feel welcomed no matter your fitness level, it is a space with a no bullsh*t attitude, practising mindfulness, mental wellness & fitness. more to come.
Mercurio For Morn Pen 2020
Magic Carpet Pet Transport | Brand Identity | pt1
Glenn Harrop
A logo & companion mark designed for Glenn Harrop, a Bendigo based photographer. circa 207
Higher Self Living Part1
Esta Konti is a holistic transformational coach based in Geelong, Melbourne. Focused on helping you become a more self aware individual so you can move forward with a confident, positive & higher vibrational mindset. Healing practices & therapy for trauma from childhood to toxic relationships. (part 1 more to come part 2)
AB Built
Anthony Bos is AB Built based on the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne. Anthony works on both residential & commercial builds that are on-time & on-budget. Working with Anthony I was able to design & provide a solution of a foundational visual identity for his trade business, one which is aligned to his quality, memorable & designed to stand the test of time.
Hair & Beauty Society | Brand Identity Pt1
Part 1. Banding Project for H&BS located Albert St , Corner Main St Mornington. Foundational design. The beginning phase of developing a direction for look & feel. This is the first step I take before brainstorming for logos. Along with brand briefing this allows for me to draw elements such as illustrations as seen below playing with colour-ways , font, collate professional stock imagery to see the tone & create a style to appeal & to be unique to the Salon. - Moving forward all further pieces of the identity will be designed to come together cohesivley . Video included at end of this page
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Pandemic Package | Revolution Roasters
Activation poster/flyer design, designed name plate utilising Revolution Roasters logo & accompanied social media content posts. I drew each item included in the Palooza Package o match the business providing their item with their logo..
Graphic Design, Illustration, Poster Design
Happy Days Personal Project
Graphic Design, Apparel, T-Shirt Design
The Social Difference
A kickstart visual identity project completed for Facebook Ad's specialist & Coach, Lindell Stewart of The Social Difference. Lindell is based in QLD, Australia after relocating from Melbourne. Armed with a wealth of experience taking many business from struggling with clicks , to converting ad's & amazing results with ad spend - Lindell's growth required a brand new strong & aligned identity. Case study to come.
Curly Tails Bowen Therapy [brand illustration]
Custom brand illustration & name plate design for Helen to display in her treatment room. Curly Tails is a holistic k9 treatment business based on the Mornington Peninsula. Helen looks after dog sporting injuries & other joint health issues with holistic therapies such as Bowen Therapy . I absolutely loved drawing this custom illustration for Helen , which showcases herself with her most regular client dog breeds.
Little Wonder Kids - Forms
An extended project from the brand build, development & design of Little Wonder Kids. I designed in total 32 forms including booklets, parent info sheets, staff forms & in-house documents.  Every piece I focused on bringing in elements designed for LWK , to really align the personality & message. All designed from the ground up for LWK, no pre purchased templates or clipart.
2020 Wealth pt2
Part 2. Brand identity project for local Mornington Peninsula, Financial Adviser , Leanne Belik. Forming a functioning identity with a real humanised & personal vibe, setting Leanne & 2020 Wealth apart from the rest.
Part 2 of 2020 Wealth project
2020 Wealth
A brand identity project for local Mornington Peninsula, Financial Adviser , Leanne Belik. Below showcases story boards I have designed to set the foundation for direction - visual & contextual creatives which encompass who Leanne is & her reason. These hold meaning for the extended identifying pieces - such as logos/collateral which come together like pieces of a puzzle to form a functioning identity with a real humanised & personal vibe, setting Leanne & 2020 Wealth apart from the rest.
Modern & Chic
A Brand project for Modern & Chic, an online store operating from the Mornington Peninsula. Modern & Chic offers design led home wares & products to inspire your homes surroundings.
Identity Design for Patchwork - Loz Chai
Logo and elements for brand identity project designed by Loz Chai graphic designer on Mornington Peninsula
Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration
Prestige Paintworks (Pt 1 Logo re-design)
Five Senses Peninsula - [Part 1] brand build
The journey of a re-brand with my local Mornington Peninsula based client Five Senses Peninsula. Investing in your business is paramount to it's reputation, the way people feel about you. Branding is all about giving your audience & customers an EXPERIENCE a story for them to follow & connect with. Enjoy the below visuals that bring together a real working personality to give my clients "more than" x
Peninsula Palooza Package. The Poster Design
Working with Revolution Roasters, a well known coffee roaster company in Melbourne I was hired to work the design magic for their really cool project. An essentials package for people to purchase while we ride this wave of pandemic life! Includes locally sourced products from Mornington Peninsula business & all profits donated to Frankston Hospital. This is the poster /activation design art-work & illustrations for that package!
Poster and illustration deign magic for a really cool local project with Revolution Roasters on the Mornington Peninsula
The Milk Maid [Pt 2 Brand Build]
Jake Built [Pt 1} Logo
Logo design and development
Little Wonder Kids [pt1]
Prestige Paint Works [P2 The Process]
A logo re-design for Prestige Paint Works, a local residential & commercial painter located on the Mornington Peninsula. I was approached for their re-design of their logo. I also went a little deeper to design sub marks & also included creative thinking aka "Thought Creatives" by coming up with their contextual descriptive "In excellence we trust". Applying meaning , a personalised vibe is essential in all the work I do for my clients. This is the process. You can find final visuals via home page.
Pure Silver Impressions Re-Brand
Pure Silver Impressions designing pendants and Jewellery, with your loved ones finger / hand print or even paw print. A personalised memory to keep. Nikkis brand identity was created around her love for her skilled work. I provided Nikki with her fresh new identity integrating a paw print within a love heart that is a representation of a human finger print - The business name in a subtle and crafted type face.
Modern & Chic [Pt 1]
A Brand project for Modeb & Chic, an online store operating from the Mornington Peninsula. Modern & Chic offers design led home wares & products to inspire your homes surroundings. The project consisted of developing & designing not only an array of visuals including logos/marks/iconography/pattern & all the amazing graphics that identity a business but a brand story. Bringing contextual meaning from the heart of the human behind the business to connect with customers & audience. This is part 1.
GITGO. Green is the go.
GITGO an eco sustainable travel coffee cup made out of risk husk!
Swell Constructions Brand Apparel Design
Apparel design for Swell Constructions t-shirts located Melbourne , Mornington Peninsula. Swell Constructions is a sister company to quality home builders Swell Building Group.
Swell, building, group, constructions, builders, melbourne homes, apparel design, tshirt, design, brand identity, brand development, custom design, melbourne business, lozchai, graphics, quality, custom, mornington peninsula, brand identity design, illustration, logo, name plate,
The Milk Maid [Pt 3] Packaging Design
Swell Caps Workgear & Mugs
Peninsula Outdoor Cinema [ Pt 1]
A collection of the new identity pre-reveal content posts designed to share in the lead up to Outdoor Cinema Hire launch.. Showcasing icons and fonts all are which are part of their visual identity.
Event Poster - Outdoor Cinema Hire
Australia Day Event Poster art for a night under movie light at the award winning Yard By The Bay, a night presented by Mornington Peninsula Outdoor Cinema Hire.
Five Senses Peninsula [Part 2] brand build
A brand identity build aka "The Journey" for Five Senses Peninsula designed , written & presented by Loz Chai.
Peninsula Outdoor Cinema [Pt 2]
Primary logo and alternative logo for Peninsula Outdoor Cinema Hire. A next level open air cinema entertainment hire business on the Mornington Peninsula.
MrEd Coffee Bar Illustration
Custom brand illustration for local coffee bar business Mr Ed's located on the Mornington Peninsula.
Swell Building Group extras
Swell Building Group brand identity on variety of touch points, printed on marketing materials & signage
Branding, Graphic Design, Architecture
Jake Built [Pt3] showcase
Soul Press Illustration
Jake Built [Pt2] Stationery
Re-brand for Swell Building Group completed by Loz Chai Design - Mornington Peninsula based Graphic Designer specialising in brand identity, logo marks, signage & collateral
Prestige Paint Works [Pt3 stationery & social]
Brand Identity packaging for Elouera Pet Cremations
Bottle Mart Business Card
For Tyabb's franchise Jim Murrays Bottle Mart.
The Rescue Collective (Donated creative) x
With the recent event of tragic bushfires unfolding here in Australia we have been devastated by all the heartbreak and loss all those affected are enduring. People have lost their homes, businesses and an unprecedented amount of wildlife have sadly perished. I have wanted to help, like all of us - where I can. So I donated my creative design and time to design this stamp artwork for The Rescue Collective. x Loz
Barmah Activation Poster
The Milk Maid [Pt 1 Brand Build]
The Journey ft The Milk Maid. A brand identity build. The Milk Maid is a farm based business in country N.S.W , all natural goat milk products, handmade from their very own farm goats!
Five Senses Peninsula - [Part 3] brand build
Pure Silver branded stationery
Always a pleasure when the lovely Pure Silver return for their additional collateral & branding visuals. I created the identity along with logos & secondary marks back in 2017 & so I love every opportunity to support & create further for this amazing local business on the Mornington Peninsula! Make sure you check out Nikkis work via Facebook! New brochures completed September 2019
Donna Lee
Donna Lee Makeup Artistry - business cards
Night Owl Creative Identity
Groundhog Illustration
Because it's Groundhog Day & we could all use a cute little Groundhog holding a rose in our news feed!
Twilight Animal Care Brand Identity
Twilight Loyalty Card
Additional collateral for brand identity package for Twilight Animal Care.
A logo mark redesign for John Stewart a highly skilled Farrier based Mornington Peninsula. The original mark was two clipart purchased horse heads facing one another & did not represent the high quality of work John provides. Your logo mark needs to match the quality of business services offered,, appeal to your audience, be versatile on all media outlets & simple yet memorable
Hybrid Sports Performance -
A 16 Page product booklet designed and printed for Smile Art to market and showcase their product to dental clinics. 100% custom made no pre purchased templates. Design built from client brief thoughts into a printed quality booklet.
Violeta Finance tri fold brochure design. Using their brand style guide as a reference, I designed the artwork from ground up to really hone in on their branding. Along with their colour pallet , icons, photography and copy content the outcome straight up vibes Violeta Finance, matching the quality of their skill and services. Based on the Mornington Peninsula.
Barmah Creative concept
Feck This Event Flyer
Event flyer design for Rubix Warehouse dance party in Melbourne. Stock image of female provided by client , the rest of flyer a total custom design developed from a vision & list of descriptive words.
Flyer creation, social media design and promotional branding for FECK THIS Melbourne Event at RUBIX WAREHOUSE.
Elouera - stationery
Business card design, custom created from extended brand mark development to pair perfectly with Katie's brand personality. A clean simple contact card with relevant information showcased on linen stock.
Elouera Pet Cremations
Custom business card designed to match the high quality service provided , staying in-line with EPC branding.
A re-brand for Brookes Building Group on the Mornington Peninsula. Brookes required a fresh modern and clean mark to represent their high quality workmanship and desire to deliver only the best. Brookes now have an identity that is memorable, appealing and timeless.
Business card custom designed for Smile Art. A clean and minimal layout designed to represent Anthony.
business card design, business card printing, brand identity, loz chai design, mornington peninsula
Green Is The Go Product Launch
John Stewart a highly skilled Farrier based Mornington Peninsula. The logo I designed for John piano car signage install. This logo appeal to Johns audience, is versatile on a range of media outlets and is simple, yet memorable. Obligation free Car Branding quotes available.
Brooklyn Beauty
Logo Design / Circa 2016
Ankle Biters Furniture Brand Identity
Bush Pigs Off Road
Custom business card design for Brookes Building Group created to align with the personality of their new re-brand. Print outcome 400gsm quality card stock with a matt finish.
Business card design created to stay in-line with JCL current brand identity
No1 South Coast Fencing business cards
Business Card Design
Groovy Hounds Grooming
F&G Australia Magazine Print Advert Nov 2017
Ankle Biters Furniture business card
Custom business card designed to represent Peter and his high quality workmanship. My aim was to stay inline with the friendly , personal child-like vibe I created within the logo mark messaging of Ankle Biters Furniture.
SSAA Magazine 2018
Justice Crew
Noah Elijah
Logo design for Noah Elijah shown in colour option of black & white. A logo that is versatile allows quality display of your brand on all media outlets. - Loz Chai
Facial Rejuve Loyalty Card
Loyalty card design created for Facial Rejuve as part of her brand identity
Jacklee Carpentry
Here at LOZ CHAI DESIGN we aim to provide a straight forward no drama service. Offering custom design tailored to your market, handling everything from print production of your items to delivery! Not just logo design. We offer an extensive range of design and print services, specialising in business needs such as business cards, invoice books, quote sheets, flyers, with comps slips etc practically everything you require for your office and advertising of your business! With a selection of quality card stocks to choose from you can now have your business looking the part. Along with all your stationery needs we can also design , print and install your vehicle signage with plenty of options available one way vision, digital , vinyl decals the choice is yours! Every business is different with their requirements so instead of having to decide from set packages, LOZ CHAI DESIGN will custom quote and design a package tailored to your needs and budget.
MDV Tiling & Waterproofing business card design
Business card design for home improvement industry. Floor and wall tiling
Graphic Design, Advertising, Branding
Bayley & Me
F&G Australia Magazine Print Advert
Evie Rose
Mialls Advertisement
Print Advertisement for Mialls Gunshop BY LOZ CHAI
Noah Elijah
Bell Plaster
Jamie Walker Photography watermark design
Walker Photography logo watermark signature design by loz chai
Graphic Design, Calligraphy, Photography
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